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The power of connecting is the foundation of Shi-Sen-Do Consulting. Shi-Sen-Do Consulting will not always be able to answer the different questions raised by the field. We do, however, have an excellent network of specialists, who are able to provide custom services based on the needs of our customers

People are the most important factor in our work, because we believe in intrinsically motivated organisations which thrive through intrinsically motivated people. We also believe in the strength of individuality and have a trained eye for specific educational needs of people and organisations. 

We work with varying partners on equal footing, which easily explains our diversity and leads to fantastic new innovative learning interventions. The temporary effects of success, which is often experienced after training sessions, will be permanent instead, because the new behaviour has been intrinsically motivated and will therefore continue to be the displayed behaviour.

Provided below are some examples of our diversity:

We collaborate with 2 professional musicians to organize workshops at schools. So far, over 150.000 students have experienced overcoming physical and mental barriers.

Issues of collaboration occurred at an employer, who has employed several different cultures. After a large scale training intervention, calmth has returned and a positive upward movement is visible on the collaboration barometer.

An employer is looking for inspirational sessions, which will be able to connect the company and implement a Lean Six program. Based on the Kaizen method a completely different program was implemented instead.

Shi-Sen-Do Consulting
Address: Noorderpad 40
1674 NS Opperdoes / The Netherlands

Robert Takken
Senior specialist Diversity & Inclusion
Trainer/coach at large change processes.
Developer of training programs.

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