Cultural change processes often produce emotions and resistances. In our rapidly changing society, people and organisations must constantly adapt. Sustainable employability will therefore become a more important theme than ever.

In this fascinating process of Cultural change, Shi-Sen-Do Consulting can provide an important contribution with different programs that support the desired Cultural change.

Cultural change begins with establishing trust. A solid foundation of trust ensures better collaboration and Shi-Sen-Do Consulting uses several different methods to accomplish this foundation:

The interactive trust-sessions are based onĀ  insights of Stefan Convey jr. These sessions provide knowledge into the enhancement of trust within a team and which specific pitfalls can be avoided.

DISC-sessions: Knowledge and analysis based on the DISC model provides opportunity to further understand yourself, employees, coworkers, partner and customers. The strength of the DISC-instrument lies in its simplicity whilst still regarding the complexity of people.

The interactive session Team Development is based on insights of Patrick Lencioni. In this interactive session, participants learn how to take the next step towards improvement, from good to better.

Shi-Sen-Do Consulting
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Robert Takken
Senior specialist Diversity & Inclusion
Trainer/coach at large change processes.
Developer of training programs.

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