Training offers

We offer, among others, the following trainings:

  •  Interactive session Team Development
  • Interactive trust sessions
  • DISC-team wheel training
  • Multicultural trainings in context of Multicultural Mastery
  • Inspirational sessions in context of the Moral Budo Code
  • Constructive dialogue sessions
  • Interactive Master classes/inspirational sessions with cooperation of professional musicians
  • Interactive Martial Arts Master classes
  • Training management of violence & conflict management

Our trainings are always custom work and every training intervention starts with “a good conversation”. Based on the educational needs of the customer we are able to address issues using multiple kinds of expertise.

Our inspirational sessions have an absolutely unique character in which people are invited and stimulated to discover personal qualities they had previously never thought possible.

In terms of sport-coaching, Shi-Sen-Do has also built a magnificent reputation. Dozens of national and international champions benefit from the guidance and acquired knowledge of Shi-Sen-Do Consulting.

Shi-Sen-Do Consulting
Address: Noorderpad 40
1674 NS Opperdoes / The Netherlands

Robert Takken
Senior specialist Diversity & Inclusion
Trainer/coach at large change processes.
Developer of training programs.

Main sponsor European Cup Ju-Jitsu